Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Public School System

The Public School System

The public school system is a mess. My daughter goes to a small private school. I am very happy to keep her there. I don't want her in the public system because there is not enough money, not enough decent teachers who really care anymore and the people who head up the schools tend to be indifferent. The just keep on doing the same things that have not worked in the past. Sure they add a new government run program here and there adding more and more red tape and procedures positions in "upper management" which makes it ten times as difficult for a good teacher or a good director or principal to actually make a positive move in the right direction.

I recently heard there were more people in places of power running the schools than teachers. That's crazy. The teachers are under paid and those in power are over paid to basically make teaching and learning more difficult than ever before. Many of the kids who have not been taught how to respect their peers and authority are being allowed to behave as though they have no morals while some of the teachers, bus drivers and others in positions of some kind of authority turn the other cheek as not to offend anyone and the children who suffer are the kids that actually want to be there, want to learn and want to succeed.

They are constantly taking money from the schools. The No Child Left Behind program was ridiculous. The school is given three or four years to improve or they lose the money. What?! How about those who are not making a difference lose their jobs if there is not a significant improvement in the year. Three to four years that's an entire highschool experience for a kid. Then what is that kid supposed to do? That's it, highschools over.

Not everyone can put their children in private schools. It's not easy for me, but I have only one child and I consider it that important, but I am more than happy to pay my taxes to pay for public schools because the children in the schools will be my daughters friends, co-workers and leaders in America. I want them to be well educated, I want them to be civil professionals when they grow up. Why aren't more parents who send their children to these schools rising up and taking a stand. They should be having town hall meetings weekly, demanding that something be done for their children. Are we really that busy? Really no time to make sure your kids are getting what they need, what they deserve, what do you pay taxes for?

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